Private By Night Dinner + Rio Scenarium

Tour duration: around 4h

Rio Scenarium, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro


Experience Rio at night. The "Rio Scenarium" is a show house that rises as a differential in the cultural nightlife scenario of Rio de Janeiro. Located at the most typical bohemian neighborhood of the city, the Lapa, the "Rio Scenarium" encourages the preservation of the old houses in the neighborhood, and intends with its artistic program to spread and rescue the best musical traditions and attract new audiences. The "Rio Scenarium" creates a pleasant and cozy environment, allied to the charm of the beautiful manors of old Rio. Always maintaing high standards of traditional Brazilian music, this is by far the best bet for any travelers wanting to experience just that.


Thursdays, fridays and saturdays departures

Two tickets to Rio Scenarium included.

Drinks not included.

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